Writing & Editing

Great written and edited copy for your site can help you rank higher on the web, increased engagement on social media, increase the visibility of your business, and help create a culture that readers want to come back to and explore.

Conversational, Informative, and Concise

Our team of content editors and writers strive to create copy that readers can attach to, relate to, and share. With years of experience in journalism writing News, Features, Columns, Editorials, Emails, and Briefs on various topics, getting to the point is what it’s all about; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t give the reader a great experience along the way.

No Bull Crap Policy

Our practice in media only allows our best content to strive in a culture that’s every changing backed by superhuman targeting, proven data, and a no bull crap policy … because we only deliver bull gold, every time, all the time.

Click image to get a better view of the prices. Current rates are based on averages and my experience as a freelancer.

SEO & Publishing

  • SEO
    • For excellent SEO, a charge of 15% per article is applied.
  • Publishing
    • If you want me to have access to your site and publish the work myself so you don’t have to, a charge of 15% per article is applied.
  • SEO + Publishing (Combined Deal)
    • For excellent SEO and the publishing of your articles, a charge of 25% per article is applied.


Every client and project is unique and we encourage you to contact us if you may have special requests so that we can provide the best services and rates possible for your needs.

Retainer Fee: For any service provided, 25% of the total quoted cost is due before any work is to begin. This is non-refundable.