Media Strategy

Working with SEO, Social Media, and Content Management, we bring brands, companies, and individuals closer to their target markets through attention, creativity, and culture.


LeporeMedia is a media service agency, built for the now. We drive businesses, non-profits, families, and individuals into the world to craft and garner attention and culture, but how? We find, research, test, and analyze where people are spending their time and money. Simply put, follow the money.


Discovering where consumers are spending their time is the first step, but figuring out where our client’s brand fits in and who we target is another step. By being creative, we test the waters of each platform and discover through trial and error where a brand or campaign is most successful, allowing for a quick turnaround with clean results.

Media + People = Culture

We know culture is always changing, and we embrace that change, whether that be through Vine, Snapchat, a new seasonal challenge, a trending meme, or whatever the next big thing is – we follow the culture and see where and how we can naturally get in.


Every client and project is unique and we encourage you to contact me if you may have special requests so that we can provide the best services and rates possible for your needs.

Retainer Fee: For any service provided, 25% of the total quoted cost is due before any work is to begin. This is non-refundable.